Peak Virtual Academy is a K-12 public school providing both fully on-line and blended curriculum.  The Edgenuity curriculum is taught by licensed teachers who work in Montrose.

What do I need to know about the education at Peak?

  • Separate and unique Elementary, Middle, and High school programs
    • Elementary school
      • Hybrid model with students working from home 3-4 days/week and at Peak 1-2 days/week
      • Parents are primary facilitators
      • Utilizes K-12 curriculum
      • All materials (science, art, music, etc.) provided
    • Middle school
      • Hybrid program meaning a combination of in-person attendance and on-line curriculum
      • Students required to attend Peak Monday-Thursday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm with additional work on-line
      • Small class size with maximum of 15 students/class
    • High school – choice of on-line or hybrid model
      • Hybrid program
        • On-line and in-person portions
        • Direct instruction, quizzes, some assignments delivered on-line
        • Science labs, math practice, writing workshops, book discussions, etc. delivered during in-person days
        • Small class size
  • Students with a 3.0 or higher GPA are eligible for concurrent enrollment and advanced classes.
  • Flexible curriculum – students can access curriculum from any computer or phone with internet at any time of day.
  • High quality teachers

Who should come to Peak?

  • Students who want or need a flexible learning environment.
  • Students who have strong parental support.
  • Students who want a challenging curriculum and can stay on pace.
  • Students who are motivated, independent, and organized learners.

What does a typical day look like?

  • Students are expected to complete work daily on assigned school days.
  • Middle and high school students need to log on to Edgenuity daily to see their assignments.  Students are expected to keep up and complete all assignments listed for the day.
  • Elementary students are expected to work with their parents on assignments as required.
  • Students are expected to spend a minimum of  6 hours/day on school work (5 days/week), which equates to 7.5 hours/class/week or 30 hours total/week.

What schedule does Peak follow?

  • Peak follows the Montrose County School District calendar.  See the calendar page for specific dates.
  • Clubs and tutoring available in afternoons.

Are parents involved?

  • YES!  Parental involvement is integral to student success.  We expect Peak parents to check up on their student’s progress daily.